Meet Kayla - The Founder & Voice

Kayla Wieczorek took a huge leap of faith in 2018 when she left her stable 9 to 5 financial job for fields of hay and a herd of cattle. Along the way she rediscovered her passion for writing and has since been sharing her unscripted memoir on her blog and YouTube channel - Chronicles of a Farmer’s Wife.


Chronicles of a Farmer’s Wife is a first person narrative of Kayla sharing her successes, her struggles and how she balances wrangling cattle, riding horses, baling hay, raising two children, being a farmer’s wife and owning a business. Check out Kayla being her true authentic self and you may just be encouraged to take your leap of faith to your unknown that brings happiness to your life.

Finding My Way

For years I struggled with depression and anxiety, feeling that I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life and love. I started writing again and through writing I untangled by thoughts and desires for my future. With a huge leap of faith and the full support of my husband, I quit my 9 to 5 job that provided benefits and a steady paycheck to become the farmer, wife and stay-at-home mom that I always wanted to be. I couldn’t be happier! I finally have the time and flexibility to live my authentic farm life.


Tag along with me and you may just find the courage and strength to finally take your leap of faith that you’ve been dreaming of.


Give your worries to the Lord. He will take care of you. Psalm 55:22