Writers Block ....

Writers Block back from 12.20.19 .... finally getting Published.. "its time" 


I have written more notes and posts the last few weeks than I probably have all year. Not everything of course gets out of the draft box but it’s there if I wanted to hit the trigger.

I’ve mentally struggled the last several months with many things. Mostly where I stand as a person. A wife. A mother. A Christian. My faith is such a huge part of me but it can also be my own downfall. I take every thing so literal- I am not very “fun”; sarcastic or easy to even joke with. Immaturity drives me insane and if you act childish - not gunna lie - I don’t want to be around. I also to tend to take too much to heart and let those things eat at me. I turn away from prayer and my bible. And that’s when I found a “block” with God.

When my heart is fully open to hearing what she so clearly lasts there; the pen flies with ease. Each day I am filling notes and pages with what comes to mind... from the heart! And for that I am so very thankful. For a time this fall all I heard was this awful silence. It was the onslaught to my anxiety, fueled my stress levels and I let the Evil depress me.

I am human - making mistakes daily but there’s times I have to sit back and just remind myself. I AM NOT PERFECT! Writing gives me away to share the crazy inside my head and what’s going around the farm and within the family. If I could ever figure out the editing part of the YouTube .. y’all better pray and watch out!

When we tune out Gods word we might as well put ourselves on a mute cycle and give ourselves the “Writers Block” on life. Every day becomes mundane - you “live” for Friday’s - when you block God after a while the Devil starting a takin root.... I let it... but NOW I am taking back the life God has set for Me. The path wasn’t set in stones making it easy that’s for sure. Along this path I’ve hit rock bottom... I’ve been at the top of world and now ... we’ll now I’m simply at peace & happy. Happy on the Farm < even when it’s 5am and barely 20 degrees out. Happy finally having a little more routine in the evenings with the kids even if it’s just until hay season starts back up.

Gods opened so many doors the past year that 2020 doesn’t get her soon I might just start running into it. I’m back to pouring out my heart here 💛

And today for the first time..... I had a book plot jump into my mind & hold still long enough for me to get these words to paper. Writing is my Avenue. Public speaking not so much but even then I’m working on that through the PodCasts!

Writers block is a very REAL thing. It’s the Block we place inside our Hearts and Homes from God.

I pray you received something from my ramblings this morning! Have a Blessed Day!

The #HayGirl

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