Wieczorek Farms Teams Up -


Gooood Morning ——

We got some pretty big news & some serious exciting things going on here around Wieczorek Farms, LLC....

I am pretty proud to announce that I have joined up with a few companies to carry & be an ambassador for their products!

There will be a GROUP page when I get all our dealer information lined out for an easy one spot stop !!!!

You can visit each by clicking their picture below. I will be having product & supplies on hand in the upcoming weeks & will make a once a month order as well.

Get your hay & all your horse needs in one spot at #WieczorekFarms - thanks for continuing to support our farm!

We are also pleased to announce that Farm Focused has picked our Farm & Brand to share #ourfarmstory & Farm Merchandise 💙🤍💙


Tag along & watch what’s happening around the farm on our #FarmTube Channel - www.YouTube.com/c/chroniclesofafarmerswife


thank you for supporting our farm family!!!!!

have a blessed day!



Let your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16


📄 www.chroniclesofafarmerswife.com

📺 www.YouTube.com/c/chroniclesofafarmerswife

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