Wieczorek Farms: Live Chats!

Happy Saturday.... yes. I know. It’s early. It’s the way I function best ... someone asked me last night if I knew what I was going to be writing about today ... I answered honestly.

“I really have no idea. I just let the words form .... at 4am”


So as I’m editing & writing some notes I realized. We’ve had so many new and exciting things happening just since March that we haven’t had a chance to really dive in - talk about it or answer questions even !!


We’re going LIVE later this week to hit on those & maybe fill in the blanks a bit too. Feel free to leave a comment / question or write to me if you want! And I’ll work on getting Jason to sit down for a “Pasture Chat” ... or maybe it’s a “Farm To Table Talk?” ... I’m not sure .. but watch for the Notifications and Live Announcements too!

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