What’s My Purpose?

Do you ever struggle to find your purpose in life?

Ever feel like .. you’re lost on this path to greatness?

Ever wonder why you set out to do some thing only to be knocked down 20 times along the way?


Yea .. Well me too this morning. I’ve been up since a little after 3:30am today ... thinking. Preparing for the upcoming day. Working out my list of priorities I want to achieve.... or well “NEED” to get done. And as I sit there. Writing. Praying. Soul searching I had this “poof” moment I guess you’d call it ...

“Why am I doing this I at all”... is any one else getting some thing (or heck any thing) out of my morning ramblings ... am I touching on anyone .. is it it that Gods using my own experiences. To help others?

Some days ... and here lately more often than others. I’m questioning why I put so much effort into things - things that aren’t top priority.... when I really should be doing dishes. Or folding laundry. But instead. I find myself pecking away at my computer putting words together.

Gods purpose for us is different than the purpose we “think” we’re doing ... every time I say “I’m done blogging or set down the camera to video” ... I’m taking right back there. For a purpose? To share. To show. And it’s got me thinking even more this morning about how I can fit everything I need to do in a short amount of time ...

We all have the same 24 hours in a day - the same exact 60 minutes in an hour. I see these other ladies fitting in workouts - meal prep - perfectly folded laundry (HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO THAT any way?!?!) ... but in hindsight. Are they doing. All the things I’m doing? Are they helping repair equipment in the shop? Are they driving tractors to get the job done? Are they lifting bags of feed? Are they doing nightly BOVINE OB checks so that their farmers can get that 8 hours of sleep before the day starts again?

I have sat here for an hour thinking about all the “household chores” I’m failing on. Wondering “why I put so much effort” into my blog. My YouTube Channel when I should be doing the laundry and vacuuming... what’s my purpose in all this?


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