Welcome y’all

Welcome y’all to my new spot “Horses, Hay & Harmony: The Chronicles of a Farmers Wife” … I’ve wanted to do this for a while now & opening up to my random thoughts and many pages of notes along the way.

My name is Kayla Wieczorek (kW) in a small rural farming community where everyone knows everyone’s business literally before they finished it. My husband Jason (aka Farm Boy) met 5 years back through mutual friends however as the years go on we realized that we rode bikes during our childhood, attended the same FFA activities and rode in some of the same Horse Shows. We have 2 children, Keaton (7) & Jaelyn (2). We have our own hay farming business as well as horses & the start of our own cattle herd (we have 2 bucket calves. But hay we all start somewhere right – pun intended)

So where’s the 3Hs come into play?! Pretty simply put –

  1. Horses have always been such a huge influence in my life from the beginning with my grandfather teaching me the passion early on

  2. Hay .. self explanatory – Being married to a Hay farmer means you automatically also help in the haying process. Typically running the Baler & Accumulator is my summer job after I get off my full time job with Edward Jones.

  3. Harmony .. a new one for me recently. Finding my Faith again with God & being a full time working farm mom of 2 … let’s be honest. That’s a mess of a sentence just alone!

Some of things you’ll find in my blogs will be things from around our farm, faith, family, some finance stuff, equine, & my love & sharing of Young Living Essential Oils; and how this whole page got started!

Bare with me as I get the site up & running! But Welcome! And have a Blessed day ♥️

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