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Good Morning ..

I thought after the recent amount of new subscribers on YouTube, the followers coming in off InstaGram and Facebook I should maybe take a little time this morning and create a small "Welcome" Video!

As many of you know, my name is Kayla Wieczorek, founder & voice behind "Chronicles of a Farmer's Wife" but did you know I had a full time finance job before hand?! Yep.. sure did spent nearly a decade behind the desk & computer - crunching numbers before realizing that there was a way to make my soul happy and not just at night and on weekends helping Jason.

So... Lets go back a little further!

Jason and I were set up my mutual friends and my sister the summer fo 2013... I spent that Hay Season as the "girlfriend" bringing snacks to the fields, helping to move equipment when needed (driving his Ford at the time) - and Keaton and I catching Tractor Rides as much as we could. We was married that spring in our Horse Barn in 2014. Jaelyn arrived early in September 2015 during a very crazy second cut / fifth cut alfalfa year... over the next 2.5 years I struggled between post PPD, being in and out of the hospital with sis, trying to convince myself that working in Finance was the Career the Good Lord put me in for a reason ... after applying for a "bigger" part of the company, trying to 'make more money' for the family and going through another mental break down after failing the Series 7 (think Pre-Med or passing the Bar for Lawyers) I realized this wasn't the job for me.. the extremely hard way...

Jason had been hounding me about thinking about leaving the office. I just couldn't seem to grasp the fact of being "home" and not having a full time job. Not since I have been working since I was 15 years old. Being a "stay home mom" was not in any aspect of my mind. I love my kids but there are some mommas who rock the whole SHM life .. and then there are some that would crumble under it (I am one of those people....)

The oppportunity arose after we started buying into the Cattle Market in the later part of 2018. I'd only been begging and pleading and trying to get these animals for a good part of our marriage. But it just wasn't the time .. God's timing is so important here. We got cows, I was getting more and more homesick each drive to work.. The Depression and Mental state I was walking around in had began to affect not only my marriage, our Homelife, but importantly my job. Jason opened a door and I leaped.. I "retired" from Jones December 2018. Starting Bright and Fresh in 2019 with snow and a newborn calf... I was in pure heaven. At this time we had not one but two hired hands. Making the Transition from me working only evenings and weekends in the fields to daily side by side Jason. ..... talk about a learning curve. 2019 I spent more time with my horses than I ever had, hauling with the kids in tow to barrel races; winning in average buckle at the end of the series... but life changed that fall. We lost not one but both hired hands .. Leaving me the "sole" Hired hand with Jason.

Again ... we said "this is time". I became Jason's right hand.. and with it .. another set of learning curves arose.. 2020 has been one hell of a year.. From the get go -

We are classified as First Generation Farmers as we did not take over a pre-existing family farm. We both came from farm family backgrounds, sharing the same passion for Agriculture. Jason started the hay business in 2007 as a FFA SAE Project knowing he wouldn't be able to row crop. Turning 5 acres of hay land for their horse herd to 500 Acres of rented ground now ... He prides himself on quality. and for that I am grateful ... his top quality allows me to do "this". Blog, Edit for YouTube and just be "here" more. He's giving me the dreams I had as a little girl.. maybe a little different than I had planned but running tractors, raising farm kids.. this is a blessing from Above.

Keep watching as our Hay Season ends for the 2020 year and we start gearing up for 2021... Spring Calving, Weaning, Selling, Foals, Breaking Horses, and as always more Hay!

Thanks for tagging along!

-CFW, Kayla

Jason, Kayla, Keaton (10) and Jaelyn (5)

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