Welcome Back!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Hey guys!!!

Welcome back to the new Wieczorek Farms page & soooo much more!!!

Over the last few months I have slowly been expanding myself .. putting myself out on the PodCast world as the HayGirl and uploading videos to YouTube ... Ive been working on creating a more unified space for all those exciting things.

Hay Season is finally over for 2019 .... so get geared up!

The Chronicles of a Farmers Wife with your very own HayGirl!

Get ready to see some new things, some old things and some things that may just not work out too!!

The Websites going to incorporate old Blog posts, Essential Oil Benefits, the Podcasts, some of my favorite HayGirl recipes and sooo much more!!

So subscribe and share away ---

kW, the HayGirl

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