Week 1 of 52 Planner Bible Study

Good Morning.

Happy first Monday of 2021! To be bluntly honest.. I’ve probably been the laziest I’ve been in this year than I have since Jason and I went on our honeymoon January 2015!!

We’ve done chores and I’ve made sure to feed the children to keep them alive ( but I haven’t done a whole lot besides “rest”. And prepare for 2021.

Yesterday I was able to knock out one small project that has weighed on my heart. esp if you’re reading this right now, it means you believe. In something more. In me. In our Faith. Learning to trust God more now than ever be fore.

52 Bible Study with 2021 Planner

I know I am.

So yesterday I got out my Bible. I got out my Planner. And I wrote. I wrote and hunted for scriptures that meant something to me personally or when I opened the Bible at one point let God just pick the verses for this mini project for me.

This is the first week in the 52 week Planner Bible Study I created. (You can download the whole book pdf style at the bottom of the blog page 💛 it is FREE... all I ask is that you share to your own pages and Pinterest boards to share the same faith as I did..)

“Let Your Light Shine!” Matthew 5:16.

Shine is my 2021 ”word”... and it holds a lot of things for me ... I don't want to shine so bright that I blind others.. I want to shine bright enough so that the bulb never goes dark.. I want to be a light for others that are maybe struggling just as I have in the past.. Winter blues always ALWAYs hit me the hardest. but this year I want to see the light.. even in the ice covered trees right now.. they shine bright under the sun. I want to see the Good in 2021.. I want to share the Light in my Soul.. and I feel God is leading me to share this even more than I ever have before..

Thank you for opening up that 52 Week Post... Thank you for sharing it ... thank you for being a part of something so big for me ..

I will continue to share my light with you over the next year.. follow me on social media & YouTube too!

Have a Blessed Monday.. be safe if you are out traveling or returning back to school and work today.

Kayla Wieczorek,

Founder & Voice of Chronicles of a Farmer's Wife

The 52 Week Bible Planner Study, FREE to download .. Free to Share .. Free for this year!
52 Week Bible Planner Study
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