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It’s crazy how far we’ve come ... I’m sitting and writing a short Bio for @wieczorekfarms - to meet with a group of local FFA kids this morning and I’m taken back over the last 15 years ... back to when I was in high school - going through FFA week myself. From being a basket case trying to memorize and recite the FFA creed in front of my peers to now being able to pick up a camera and talk in front of thousands ... even if they’re just watching from their lazy chair.

FFA helped BUILD Jason & I. It installed his love of hay ... literally. I mean he’s being doing it 14 years now. It’s his “niche” and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it “he’s Pretty darn good at it!!!”

When I was growing up - FFA was for the country kids - the hicks of the school. That’s how we was seen ... wearing our dusty cowboy boots and jeans. It wasn’t the “cool” thing. Kids did it because they knew the FFA kids got out of class the most. There was always some sort of trip, field day, contest & convention to go too.

It meant donning the Blue jacket with a purpose. And today I find that I’m reminded - I still have a purpose. To AgVocate.

One of the HUGE factors of our YouTube channel is to help teach others. Wither it be from our mistakes or our triumphs for the day. I wanted to reach & reach with a purpose.

Today I am grateful for the hard work and ethics we grew up with. From being pushed from our comfort zones to being patted on our backs. Over the weekend - we heard “Jason you’ve really made some thing of yourself.” “You two are a great team - and really going places”.

That’s not something I was expecting to hear at nearly 32. I’m just doing the things I love most. Working beside my best friend, even on the days it’s hard - raising our kids, having our cattle operation and Hay Business. It’s not always sunshiney days ... but those are what make it all worth while.

Being able to raise our kids the same way - playing in dirt! To driving tractors and helping do chores. We’re installing a passion for agriculture.


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