Wants vs Needs in Farming -

The Wants & Needs of Farming ...

We all have them. We all have hopes. Dreams and selfish wants.... but knowing the difference between a “good” want and a “real” need can be hard. Especially when trying to explain that to your farm raised kids.

Over the last week I’ve been truly spoiled by our local John Deere Dealership, SNP in Curryville. They went above and beyond to help me chore in the winter arctic blast with a Used XUV835M Gator.

It was a true blessing... it made hauling water way easier and running over to check cows was a breeze - and yes. We played too. When the kids got to test it out when sledding.

But when it came down to it as Jason and I was discussing if it fit our “farm budget” ... it was real hard to say “we can’t keep it”..... Right now!!

Because I really really wanted to!! Jason and I share the Ford. It’s why you happen to catch me walking so often between our house & his parents house “the homestead” where the shop, hay barns and horses are too. Most days I don’t mind the walk. It’s “my time” but as colder weather started to embrace Missouri it made it not as much fun to walk the half mile.

Farming is a way of life & if you’re not making a profit there probably isn’t much “fun” in it. But it’s also living inside your means. Knowing what’s important- like seed and fertilizer and what can wait til another season comes and goes - like the Gator.

I have many many wants. Like a new calving barn and working chute set up where the cows are - I’d love a heated & ac cab Gator. But it’s not a necessity at the moment.

and I’m okay with that because if we did get it... there’s. just be another loan for it .. and right now. I’m pretty okay without one!!

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