Walking through the Door ...

There’s more to life than just waking up and going to a job. Especially if you don’t even like what you’re currently doing.

there’s a door - this I am sure. A door to walk into. A door to walk out of. A door to open and shut. How do you know that door is the door for yOU??

How do you know that you’re headed down the right path?!?

Well for me ... it means it was a real hard walk to get past the threshold but once I shut the door and took a deep breath. All get well- in place. Like I was Home.

and that means something. If you’re walking Gods path and awaiitng his Doors then by Golly I am sure to tell you that Mr Devil probably is going to be there setting up all sorts of craziness to try and stop you.

that happened this week for me personaly. Jason was asked to attend an Agronomy Meeting 3,5 hours from the farm. No big deal except it was for 3 days. We NEVER leave the farm folks.

it’s my security net. It’s my comfort zone. I use the cattle and kids as an excuse to stay in my personal farm bubble!!! And Tuesday I was ready to say “enough”. I’m just not coming. And nearly didn’t.

but I am SO glad I prayed and followed Gods path. Because as I write this this morning ... I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be at.

so here’s my advice for you ... don’t be afraid of the unknown. (Yea yea. I know. Im preaching to my own little choir here...). But seriously. Don’t be afraid to do something different. To shut one door and open the next one that’s made for you.

Keep pushing through the muck if it feels right - keep digging deeper ... JUST DONT STOP!

Let your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16


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