Vlog 35: Life Goes On

In the world of farming things never stop while they may slow down for a brief time it never truly halts at any given time. When you become a farmer or in the livestock market you may miss out on things - hobbies - vacations - parties. It’s a sacrifice you make from day one.

Farming isn’t just a “job”. It’s a passion & soul searching dream. Yes we get burnt out just like anyone else does. But we don’t quit. We don’t give up when it gets tough. You find out just how deep your skin runs. Being a “farmer” is so much more than plaid and overalls.

And unfortunately this VLog hits close to home. Losing another calf. It’s not easy. I shed tears every time. But there’s nothing I can do except learn from the experience. Head on over to my youtube channel Chronicles of a Farmer’s Wife & watch the latest Vlog35: “Life Goes On”

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