Using Purina Lick Tubs & how it improves our herd

Saturday we took some time to load up a couple of the Purina Avla4 Lick Tubs to take over to both sets of our cows, our Spring Bred Cows and the lactating cows as well.

First off we at Wieczorek Farms do not have a paid sponsorship with Purina - this is just from our trial and error with using different mineral programs over the last two years and our benefits to using Good Quality like Purina.

The Wind and Rain®Storm®Mineral tub is a free-choice mineral delivery system designed to correct mineral deficiencies of the available forage in a highly palatable, weather-resistant form.  

These mineral tubs are 225 pounds a piece designed to feed roughly 25-30 head (for us, as we want all the cows to have access even the smaller framed Heifers, who just aren't the Boss Cows yet!) A typical cow weighing 1000 to 1200 pounds will consume .25-.5lbs per day. We provide salt, cobalt, sulfur, and selenium, as an additional option for the cows - salt is NOT included in the Wind and Rain Lick Tubs.

There are 14 essential minerals in the tube, as well as the Avila4 mineral pack to help strengthen their immune system, especially on those calves we have just weaned or bought into the herd. This also helps improve their fertility and promote fetal growth - KEYNOTE! - it's also great to give for Bulls. Which this is the first time we've incorporated it into their needs prior to going back in with the Cows. The bulls have better semen quality and over all health leading into their breeding cycle. Typically need to drop a tub into Bulls 60-90 days before turn out. With that, Bred cows benefit by nuturing the womb - calves get a jump start on good growth and development prior to being born. Setting your self and the herd up for a good calving season.

For us at Wieczorek Farms, having our cattle on the Purina Wind and Rain / Availa4 mineral program is like the "Gold" Standard. Others have a "silver" program and then just having your typical salt blocks are like getting a participation ribbon - Yes you're providing salt but you aren't

giving them your absolute best.

We have found that the Availa4 is the top notch of Cattle Mineral right now.

You can tag along with us as Jason and I stick mineral tubs out in the latest Vlog over on the YouTube Channel, Follow the Links below!

For more direct information, visit or your local feed dealer..

Thanks for tagging along!


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