Typical Monday - Ha! Wrangling kids, cattle & a husband too ...

Thanks for tagging along - it is another all business all week this at the farm...

Would you like to know ... like REALLY wanna know what Monday looks like?! To me “crazy” that’s what it looks like I try really hard to have a routine - I thrived best with a solid routine. Jason.

Laughs and runs off soda cupcakes and by the seat of his pants. 🍩

A typical Monday starts like any other day for me around 4am... and is “normal” for me til about 730.... and then it’s at random what we’re doing.

I start my day off with my Cup of “momma juice” aka preworkout from The NutriShop (http://www.nutrishopcolumbia.com .... and ask for Amber, tell her the #HayGirl sent ya 😆.) and editing video, blogging and just keeping it quiet in the house for as long as possible... it’s the “only me” time I get these days! - I love Replying back to each of your comments & cruising through social media too. I do my AM Yoga and if I can get moving enough I walk down and start choring at the Homstead “aka” my In-laws. Where the Horses, Chickens and as of this I’ve got some yearlings I’m docotoring for pink eye at the cattle barn. So that’s not always on the chore list. But is right now.

Once chores and children are situated I start my day right along side Boss.

Yesterday included lying down down the 40 acres of second cut alfalfa between and roughly 5 acres down the road for a neighbor (he’ll rake, bale himself!). Once that was accomplished we grabbed a quick bite of lunch then spent the rest of the time hauling home the remainder of straw. And while it didn’t seem “that hard of a job”... learning how best to stack these big boys is proving harder than other YouTubers make it look! But the straws home- it’s stacked in rows four high (and yet needs to be trapped. A job I’m not exactly thrilled about- boy will I be glad when the new Barn is done <watch for those pics and video to come!)

And as each night goes.. we spend the time checking the cow calf pairs at the Creek Farm. We run two herds in addition to the weanlings and yearlings. A fall calving stole and a spring. We do this to offset the cows as well as give our Bulls adequate “breaks off”. This also allows us to have calves 6-8 months a year instead of just 3-4 months - utilizing the markets. Plus. It gives me something to do during the early spring months leading into Hay Season. The Cattle is relatively new. We started the herd in 2018 and have quickly crew the past two years. And I love it. From freezing my butt off at 2am in Checks in 1 degree weather to sweating it off building and repairing fence in August. Having cattle is a passion at I am thankful for each and every day.

You can watch from Monday, Vlog 96: A typical Monday at the Farm- Laying down 2nd cut alfalfa & wrangling cattle & kids too!


Have a Blessed Day!


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