The #HayGirl goes Viral...

So this is going to be the ReIntroduction to the new HayGirl YouTube Channel "Chronicles of a Farmers Wife ( ) with ME!

There's been a few live shows on Facebook.... a few random videos I've uploaded over 2019... but now that I have a some what better understanding (ya I googled & used a YouTube video to help me learn iMovie .. I came from Adobe products and I'm thinking that still might be what I have to work with later on next year..)

One of the goals I have set for my own self is to try and upload one working farm video a week. The kids absolutely love other "YouTubers" around the farming, ranching and livestock world. There's a lot to gain from learning from others -- even if you're listening via PodCasts, YouTube or going old School and reading about it in Books and Magazines. You simply must have an open mindset, and be willing to learn and probably fail along the way as well. They're practices work best for them. Not always Us.

In doing these videos My hopes is to better educate others on the day to day basis of what happens around Wieczorek Farms. Because lets be honest. NO day is quite the same.. even if I like to think we've planned it out. From the first cutting of hay to our latest #ShowMeSelect Heifers calving in February to the kids *& Grandparent's* Chicken project hitting the Farmer's Market come summer. But mostly it's about the ups and downs of farm life Farming is the Biggest Gambling game you can be into and I just added cattle to the mix...

Join in on all the fun.... I have many notes! I'm also going to go over all thing horses, cattle, some gardening adventures if I can get it all together this time around. Last year I had so much rain everything flooded and by the third replant I might of just tossed in the towel and raided my own mommas garden. You'll get to jump on the '52 and learn to square bale - how we load and unload roughly 40,000 small bales a year ... Join the Farmer Hubs on hay deliveries, learn how we teach the working cattle pup (SKY) to do better at her own job. To quick and easy #Instapot meals that I throw together at 10pm because we'd been in the fields all day and I forgot to set something up in the crock pot.

This will be a true journey of our day to day living. And momma keeping her own sanity along the way. I hope to share with you the family, some of the Faith I've been building back up, and well a whole lot of farming too!

Come along in 2020 for a walk in the HayGirls very broke-n boots!

As always!

Thanks for coming with me today

*** Click on Leo for a direct link to the YouTube Channel, Chronicles of a Farmers Wife with Kayla!

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