The Farmers Prayer …. McAlester Farms Book 1 Preview

Here is a preview of another series I am working on the McAlester Farms of Wyoming. Six siblings raised by hard working parents instilling Faith, Love and a whole lot of work ethic. The first book in the series is about Joshua. The oldest. He had to grow up fast helping his father and granddaddy take over the farm…. hope you enjoy this little teaser!

Joshua McAlester was busy trying to save his family farm. Praying to the Lord for answers he didn’t realize he was asking for. Fighting droughts and cattle thieves in Western Wyoming he was about to give up on the Lords promises. He’d given up on his wild ways of Friday night bar fights to come back home. He’d tested the Lords patience numerous times wondering if his last stunt with his two brothers was what pushed him over the edge. Can he find an answer to the Lords path? Can he survive the hardest challenges that life brings him? Will God forgive him and bless him all in the same time?


Gabby Davis had been raised up by a very strict Southern Baptist Pastor and a momma who made sure she never stepped out of line. Going from an all girls school and college she was ready to take her own stand on life. Moving cross country to break the mold of fancy afternoon tea and the fake smiles her two older sisters put on. Could she make it work in a small country community? Would teaching lead her down to the Path of Happiness? Will she learn to let go of the hatred she felt for her parents strict rules? Will the Lord answer her prayers to find her own path in the world?

Chapter 1

Joshua started out his day like he always did. His bible laid open to the book of Romans on his counter while the coffee pot slowly started to brew his much needed caffeine fix. The smell of Folgers brought make many memories of when he’d come down to find his parents studying the word and praying each morning before his father would go out to the fields and his mom would be busy making plates of hearty meals and taking care of his siblings. She’d had enough room to love all six of them some how. He often wondered how one she stayed sane. But looking down at the worn pages he knew. God had kept her sane. Now he was trying to right his own life and forge a path that the Lord carved out for him. It wasn’t easy these days. Cattle prices were in flex along with grain trade, farming was hard dirty work, long hours and sometimes he never made it to be for more than a few hours.


Gabby stood in the middle of her empty classroom. She couldn’t believe she finally found a job. She’d had to drive nearly two days to get here in time for the interview and had been so afraid she’d have car troubles or she’d get there late and they’d already fill the position. She’d spoken with the principal last week. Taking a random chance that the small town school district would still have the open position for a jr high teacher. She didn’t care that it was in a small town. She needed a break. She needed away from her parents strict southern baptist ways. Her two older sisters had followed their parents ever word. Married into known names. Rose was on her way to the White House if Mark Robertson had his way past being a senator and Elizabeth was happy playing wife and mother to the best known heart surgeon, Dr Gregory Larsen in one of Atlanta’s St Joseph Hospital. She was bound and determined to be more than just a pretty face on a tux jacket at some art gala. Little did most know how much tension she’d placed in her family at wanting more from life. Her parents had no problem with her becoming a teacher. They had long since wanted her to become a professor. They’d made sure she only accepted the full ride scholarship to the Baptist College of Florida. She went for the adventure and to be out of her parents tight rein. But she should of known. Her father had kept tabs on her. She barely got to spread her wings before he’d intervened and she’d been accepted for her student teaching in the same school district that was three miles from her parents mansion.


Stay tuned for more

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