The Cowboys Angel – a Freedom Rein Ranch Novel

Kaci McKenzie’s faith had always been there but it took going through some rough patches to learn to really trust God fully. She’d always loved the boy next door until he broke her heart and left their small town behind for the sights and sounds of the pro rodeo life. Now that he’s come home – Kaci is afraid to let her heart be hurt again. How many second chances can God keep giving her? A second chance colt, life and maybe even love?

Jasper Hastens left in the middle of the hot summer night, the spirit across the fence line had him running afraid. He hadn’t set foot at home in over six years. With the riders getting younger every year Jasper decided to finally come home. He needed to find his lost soul only to find things weren’t the same as when he left all those years ago.

Can Jasper learn to find the Lord and peace within his troubled soul? Can Kaci learn to trust and love with an open heart and help to heal Jasper? Does Jasper have enough faith to help Kaci saddle back up even after getting hurt? The Lords path is set…..

A Freedom Rein Ranch Novel

“I’m not sure why her path crossed mine. Accident or grand design – Maybe God just kinda likes Cowboys and Angels.” – Dustin Lynch

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