The Chronicles of a Farmers Wife …. Warrior Up ⚔️

Ephesians 5- Armor of God

Are you a constant worrier? I use to be very awful. Heck to be honest. I still am. It’s something I battle with. Every thing would cause me to become stressed and have this unnecessary anxiety about the things I can not control in daily life or in the future. Is this something you struggle with too? My husband is completely opposite. He’s always telling me “stop worrying – you’re over thinking it” and in true form. I do. I’ve had many talks with not only a couple very dear faith believing friends but also myself. What’s the end result of all this worry??! Ulcers, bad eating habits, my face constantly breaking out as if I was 14 again? Quick to anger and yell? All that for something that never came to head???

Let me put on my little “preacher” hat for a moment. Because in all honesty… if I wasn’t more of a Live Person – I would do it there. But instead I’m forming my thoughts into words so you can read them in your own mind frame and hopefully I don’t come across offending someone … And actually if I do. Well you don’t have to read more ever again right?

Warrior Up. Stop worrying and put on God’s Armor. Use the Bible and His word as your shield & sword. That doesn’t mean use it to cut people down. DO NOT DO THAT!!!! You don’t know how others live let alone were raised. If they’re lashing out to you – casting you down. Do they even realize or is that how they were raised up too?? After a good long talk with my very dear friend (that literally God brought us together for “such a time”) last night for over an hour I come to realize several things. In today’s world there too much “easy access” to people. Once we used to send letters. It took days and weeks to reach people. And that was THE NORM. You wanted to call someone. You dialed them and if it rang for 6 times and you didn’t reach them. You tried back several hours or maybe days later. You didn’t keep calling them. You didn’t send 15 texts and start to worry because they didn’t reply in .5 seconds of sending it. But that also goes to show you can’t just as easily ignore someone either. I was told “swipe and delete”. It really made me think. How is it that easy to “swipe and delete” someone – even if they’re toxic to you?? How do you gather the strength to say “nope not today”. You pray on it. You pray for that person or issue and you walk on. There’s no reason to keep allowing that kind of filth to cloud your day. Easier said then done yes. But with God anything is possible right?

I did that today. And boy let me tell you. I feel as if my chest no longer feels as if I’m suffering a mild heart attack from the unneeded stress. God has it. God knows my troubles and fears. I am putting on my FULL armor today. And of course a lot of Valor too but that’s just added confidence.

This weekend leads into the MGRA Finals. It’ll be my first summer I have actively ran and competed and tried to “consistently” haul again. I am learning to not only trust Shiloh but also myself. I’ve let so many other successful riders (and mind you friends!) in of late. And it’s not that they don’t know what they’re talking about. But what works for them – is not what’s going to get me & Shi to the next level. That’s going to come with a lot of faith & trust. Her and I as a team of one. Leading into this week I had a plan. It may get slightly rocked but that’s okay. Because I know I will be where I am supposed to be with God. God lead me to Shiloh. God lead me to be more. I am a warrior of faith. I am a survivor and casting doubt off as if I’m brushing bread crumbs in the trash can.

At work I read a message that briefly goes like this:

“You’re unique – one of a kind. No other like you. Stop conforming to the world to be average. Rise up. Be who God created YOU to be. And never settle for less”.

Put on your Armor. Tell the Devil “not today” and go be awesome & it nothing else it’s at least Friday folks 😁

Have a wonderful and blessed Weekend !!!

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