The Chronicles of a Farmers Wife… the art of finding Balance!

Finding Balance … can mean so MANY things. Between finding Balance as a parent, spouse, work, taking time for yourself. I struggle with finding that often.

I either feel like I should be doing it all & doing it well 100% every day every time that I find myself hitting a breaking point where I’m just going through the motions. I’m answering calls at the office but not documenting like I want. I find myself saying “it’ll be there tomorrow” when I stair at the laundry at home. Except then it turns into the next day and so on. It happens in my fitness life too. Where I hate how my pants are starting to fit yet still eating that cookie. So how does one find balance in such a Busy mind filled day, week?? By establishing a good routine, easy to say- harder to stick to!

Routine has proven to be the one thing I can stick to if I can maintain it after several days. And I’ve definitely falling off routine the last few weeks with the cold & freezing temps we’ve been hit with.

The 2018 year started fresh on a Monday. Which gave us a whole new start right? So how many of us are still struggling Come day 6 or the month? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

So here’s MY routine that I’m going to start following. I’ve already gotten up and did a quick 20/30 minute workout; nothing fancy but I got in some deep yoga stretches, core and cardio. I don’t have time to do more this AM. But guess what. It’s more than I did yesterday and heck even the day before that. Plus I’m having to help Jason this morning by running to STL so it’ll be a lot of sit time to and from.

Routine takes up to 21 days to fall into a habit. Can you commit to the next 21 days??? That puts us at the end of the month! Where I’ll set up a February accountability group. Fitness. Budget. Reading. Mediating. Kicking a habit. It’s whatever YOU want it to be. I’ll just post daily quotes of motivation- how’s that sound?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

So let’s talk my routine now .. typically I wake up anywhere between 4:30&6am on a given day. But now I’m committing myself to working out each morning for 30 minutes. I was gifted a wonderful at home gym & I plan to utilize it daily or I’m liable for my husband to want to get rid of it!

Supplements are from the NutriShop in Columbia. They helped me with all my prep for my bikini competition last spring and continue to help with setting up my workouts & Macros that I eat – more in another post!!

After I workout of course I shower and get ready to tackle the day. Which includes a gallon or more of water throughout the day and good food/supplements; and not to forget oils!

Struggle to get enough water or curb your soda/caffeine intake? Try adding the Vitality EOs such as Peppermint Vitality , Lemon Vitality , Lime Vitality Or Grapefruit Vitality to your water. My fav is a blend of Lemon&Grapefruit Vitality .

Valor 💜 Empowerment, Confidence, Energy Balance

PanAway💙 Relieves sore muscles

It ranges what I roll on because my moods are different daily. I’m a creature of habit so tending to use the same on a daily basis which means I always try to keep StressAway, Valor and plenty of Lemon on hand!!!

I’ve also started “oil pulling” as I do my hair. But I now add a drop of EO Thieves Vitality to it as well. The benefits of oil pulling is enough to get it started but when I add Thieves to the mix it just adds to my over all health!

Thieves supports your immune system

• Thieves is a powerful cleaner (Young Living has a dedicated cleaning line just for Thieves oil!)

• Thieves has an amazing flavor that leaves your mouth tingly and fresh! (Young Living also has two toothpastes that use Thieves as a main ingredient).

kW 🖋

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