The Chronicles of a Farmers Wife…. Power of Prayer

Growing up I was always told to “pray”. Pray about whatever was bothering me and know that the Lord would heal my hurts and grant my desires. But in doing so I never learned the importance of a true prayer and how powerful it really is. You tell people “I’ll pray for you” but then do you really? Or has it become an absent thought as soon as the person walks away.

Last week at Bible Study we discussed different hindrances to our prayers. God is always listening but are we saying and most importantly are we asking the way we should? Because I know I wasn’t.

I am so very thankful that God lead me to my farmer boy which led me to our church family and so many blessings from a simple act of faith and stepping out of my comfort zone to move. He was a prayer answered but does that mean I stop praying for him? Often times after Gods granted us our “wishes” we (or I know I do) take them for granted. We don’t hold them like the true treasures they are. Gifts from God. Because in reality – He can take them back in a blink of an eye.

Pastor Jason mentioned something that really hit home (I copied the link to our Living Water App and Facebook page at the bottom of this blog. I’m praying for people. But I’m not forgiving them. I’m still holding on to things that continue to fester. So am I really being faithful with my prayers? Our prayers can be denied because we simply hold on to grudges – let that sink in for a minute or five. An unforgiving spirit … are we not taught at an early each to forgive those who trespass upon us??

Remember that not only does God hear our thoughts and prayers for the Devil himself does as well – and if you’re fighting hard for Gods word the Devil is working just as hard to convert it his way.

There is so much power in the prayer. It’s easier to talk the talk than walk the walk. But when you can do both and do it in God’s name. Why would you need a 1000 followers on social media when you have the Almighty backing you?

Prayer is the Power — 2 Corinthians 10:4


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