The Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … “Let it Go”

Let It Go – do you often find yourself holding on to something toxic in your life even though it’s several years old? Something a “friend” said to you & you have let it fester into not having a friendship with that person any more. A relative who’s always negative no matter how upbeat you are. Has it become something more than just an old memory but instead something you hash out in your head every day. Do you let it build and worry you or has it changed the person you want to be– yet still keeping it close to heart?

We tend to let other things go. Our walk with God, going to church & reading the Bible. The things we should let go are what the Devil is laughing about. His work is being done. We aren’t one with Christ if we’re letting all the negative and bad things build up. Why are we hitting our knees last?? When in reality God is who we should go to first every single time.

And I am GUILTY. I’ll study, I’ll pray, and God begins working which means The Devils out to get me just as hard. And he will strike at things closest to my heart – knowing it’s my weakness – then I crumble. I start becoming negative. I stop going to church. I stop being in His word. I let the Devil win. Again. But not this year. Not this time. I am done letting someone else steal my joy.

Over the past few years I’ve opened myself up more and more. And here I am laying it out for you; minus a few parts. But this is MY word & I am sharing it.

The power of prayer is unbelievable. Miracles happen daily. But in our society. We get so caught up on everything happening at a blink of an eye. God doesn’t work like that. It’s on His time and when He feels we are ready. Find a church family & it may take you a while. But find a GOOD one where you bring your bible every time. Where it’s a habit to just have it on you all the time. Mine goes with me every where; even to work. But mostly I have easy access right at my finger tips. I have our Church app on my phone which is what’s helping me read through the Bible this year. You can find the app on both Android & Apple – LWM . Or on the Facebook or Living Water Ministries webpage.

I challenge you (since it’s only Tuesday) go dig out your bible or download one straight to your phone – find a couple of verses that really hit home and help to keep you grounded. A couple of my favorite few are posted at the end. Feel free to save them but Pinterest has a ton as well.

I hope you received something out of this! Have a blessed day


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