The Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … Learning to choose Joy

If you previously read my “Winter Blues” blog then following up with how to choose Joy just felt right. A while back I had made a couple small post to my regular IG page; I stole those thoughts for this and added to it. Each person has their own beliefs and Faith and a path to walk on with God. This is my path & sharing it with you ~

So here is a little back ground info: I am a reborn Christian that was baptized this past year. It was something I struggled with. My faith. Knowing where I belonged. My parents had baptized me when I was an infant, my marriage was by a Methodist pastor & followed suit from that same church. But when I moved to Perry I struggled to find a Church home. My husband is a non-practicing Catholic. He attends church at Living Water in Perry when requested / or we can get him there through his tummy.. (Another post I am sure will come from this as I am his guide to God… I know this. I just don’t always do a good job of it). LWM is also where our kids go to Perry Christian Academy. Started just sending Keaton to preschool but now it’s our home and where both kids will go & graduate.

But to chose Joy can be hard.

Many women (and men too) need a reminder that joy does not equal happiness, and that it is our choice to make. It’s easy to be fearful today and to feel downhearted and discouraged joy does not equal happiness, and that it is our choice to make.

And often difficult for people who have anxiety, depression & aren’t ready to give their lives to the Lord. I know than because even now I often find myself doing the same thing. Getting my head in a negative spot and then sitting there for a week or even a month. It’s not waking up and thinking I hate today either. It’s the little things that I let get robbed away. Like when one of the kids is fussing and crying and really all they want is a hug and kiss and some momma time. But in my mommy brain. I have to do this and that and I’m not making time for the most important things in my life. Yes those dishes are obnoxious sitting on the counter. Reminding me that I can’t multitask as well as I thought but those 10 minutes playing babies or reading with Keaton instead of just half listening to him as I try to run the dishwasher and wash laundry after dinner.

Consider taking a different mind approach to it. Change your mindset to “I can; I will; I did” instead of letting the Devil have his 2 cents in the matter of “can’t-won’t-didn’t”. Every morning God gives you a new sun & a new dawn to come to him. Find joy in it & be glad in it. Enjoy those quiet moments alone. Pray. Study. Find comfort. Seek out others that just seem to spread sunshine dust everywhere they go. I leave you this morning to go find my Joy & trusting the Lord to work in me to share it with you.

A few scripture readings good to follow & read are:

  1. James 1: 2-3

  2. Psalm 4:7

  3. Nehemiah 8:10

  4. Psalm 118:24

Happy & Joyful Monday! Thanks for stopping by ♥️

kW 🖋

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