The Chronicles of a Farmers Wife … greener grass

Funny thing in having our own “Hay” Business you start to learn the ins and outs of what makes the best quality of Hay. Don’t worry. I’m not going to give a lesson on Jason’s fertilizer but it it does make me stop and think more. When we go somewhere he first notices different Alfalfa fields. He can tell you what a field is a few miles away I think. But as we drive by he knows what it may or may not need.

Same rule applies to our daily lives. You want greener grass for yourself you better water it; fertilize it; pray over it (Lord knows I’ve been on my knees with the field at our house); you nurture it & you let it take root & grow. So why when we question someone else’s life style “wishing” we had what they have. Are we working for that lifestyle or we just pretending and going about it in the wrong way?

I get caught up in wanting something so badly I tend to forget what’s really important. After having Jaelyn in 2015 I was bound and determined to get the “old” me back. Getting my butt back in shape and stepping on stage to gain the confidence I never had in school. Oh I did. But then as soon as the show was over. I was ridden with guilt. And mostly I was disappointed in myself. I’d worked so hard for that 8 minutes on stage in a hot red sparkly bikini & killer heels with 10 other beautiful fit women that all worked JUST as hard but HARDER. Because 4 of them walked away with medals. While instead of being proud of losing the baby weight, sticking to my goals of not falling down on stage & actually accomplishing that goal. I got down & very negative inside my head. Also insert my greener grass envy of the other girls.

Same applies to barrel racing – job envy – house goals – being the stay at home mom that does it all & has their kids in multiple after school activities while I work til 5 & can’t make majority of the meetings or practices. There comes a time and a line you must drawl to stay sane. Stop feeding negative energy into your life. Stop wanting to be your best friends life. You know they work just as hard for the things they want and have.

We all have the same 24 hours and 7 days a week as everyone else. No one is granted 2 extra hours over you. They just use their time differently than you – but also remember they are probably seeing someone else’s Green Grass and trying to build theirs up as well. Set yourself up for some goals. In January I wanted to really get the house declutter and organized so it was less overwhelming- it’s still a work in progress- but I had that simple pang of jealously this past weekend & I’ve let it fester into not doing much this week. A new day. A new mind frame.

If you find yourself thinking your grass is dying — it may very well be a sign from God that you should water & fertilize your own pasture first.

Happy Friday!

kW 🖋

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