The Chronicles of a Farmers Wife .. Essential Oils in the Barns

Hey hey, people!

Today I wanted to share with you some oils you can use on your animals. For me, I use them on my horses – and now I’m going to share some of the main ones I always have on hand with you.

The first set of oils I want to share with you are oils you can put in your horse’s water.

Peppermint is great to help cool your horse down during a hot day or after a hard workout. You can also mix water & peppermint in a spray bottle to apply to them and yourself pre & post a hard workout.

🍋 Lemon is good for your horse’s overall health. My horses love to drink both! Not too mention you can drink them too in your own cup to prevent better health!

The next set of oils are to use if your horse is sick. Thieves is good for if they are fighting an infection especially in the hoof, or just are feeling sick. DiGize is great for stomach problems. If your horse is prone to colic- this is the oil you need to have on hand! Just apply 3-4 drops onto their stomach or put some in their water. If they also have ulcers you can mix Copabia with DiGize into their grab as well. Copabia acts as an anti inflammatory & aids with pain. I’ve also used RC & Raven to help a horse that suffers allergies & asthma issues.

Your horse got into a fence? Got a magical scratch? We know things like that happen with horses. Lavender and Copabia oils are amazing with skin problems. Whether its a scratch, bug bite, or some kind of skin condition, these oils are perfect!

Last, but certainly not least, the oils I use with training and calming nerves. Since one of my horses is young, and I am training him from the ground up, these two oils have been an invaluable resource. Especially Stress Away. I personally like Valor or Peace & Calming on myself, but my horse is partial to Stress Away. A lot of times, I put Peace & Calming on me and then Stress Away on Leo. We have a much better day that way! (I apply the oils on her forehead & temples and her whithers and on my wrists). Not to mention VALOR. Valor is one of my MOST gone to oils – it’s wonderful for anxiety & self confidence. I use the raindrop method with both my colt Leo & new Barrel Runner Shiloh. Valor has soooo many key benefits!

You might be wondering why I use oils on my horse. It’s because I care about her. If I don’t want chemicals and nasty stuff in and on me, why would I want to do that to my horse? Want to learn more, or have any questions about using oils for animals? Just shoot me an email at .

Also, I make my own bug spray for my horses – It’s the same exact one I use for me & the kiddos too!! I just mixed up another bottle of it and keep it in the barn.

You can find a few more of my favorite roller blends to help us Cowgirls achieve more with every ride below – as well as My Young Living Link here 💗

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