The Chronicles of a Farmer’s Wife … Essential Oils— my Why

Welcome to my Young Living Essential Oils story & why I am so passionate for sharing these little bottles of greatness.

First off I’d like to state that I am not a medical doctor nor do I practice that. These oils and recipes are what I’ve learned and read from directly from the Young Living Company.

Let me lead off by giving some background information to why I even got into the oils in the first place. A friend from our church had given me a few samples and they sometimes helped but I was not consistent with them nor did I feel I had the extra funding to spend on something that I didn’t know would work or not.

In 2015 we had been blessed by our little cowgirl Jaelyn who made her appearance 6 weeks early & spent 2 weeks in NICU in September; while her daddy continued to do hay. In December she got very sick and was diagnosed with a horrible case of RSV. Anyone who has babies; know RSV in a premie at only 3 months old is drastic. We continued to fight RSV and cold crappy sicknesses, ear infections all of 2016.

But wasn’t half of it. With all the medications I was given her she then started to suffer from seizures. We have seen so many specialists and went from different hospitals in 2016 that it’s all a blur anymore and she’s only 2! . She went from not just being a premie who wasn’t growing and underweight but now she was also having seizures and then diagnosed with Chronic Asthma and an underlaying case of Acid reflux. She was my “problem” child needless to say.

I cried a lot. I blamed myself for not taking it easier during pregnancy- pushing too much to help Jason and raise Keaton. Did I cause more harm by exposing and having her out and about after she was 2 months old; but let’s get real. I couldn’t just keep her locked off from the outside world. We live on a farm. My husband does HAY!! Talk about allergy central anytime she came into contact with him. The thing that threw her doctors for a loop was she didn’t have any allergies. Because we did allergy testing. Nothing came back positive. And we did this test 3 times!!!

So we’re on inhalers 2x a day sometimes multiple times a day plus steroids and steroids and rounds after different rounds of antibiotics. In December we had one of the scariest moments of my life. We’d been to the doctor for another round of RSV but it wasn’t getting better. She was given a shot in our doctors office and waited the allotted time to watch for any allergic reactions. She had already received the same meds 2 months prior with no problems. I drove home 45 mins after shots & another 40 Plus to the shop to talk to Jason. When I pulled in. I assumed she was just sleeping. Cue scary moment. Jason opened door and she wasn’t her normal self. She was starting to turn red. I took her home and got her out of her car seat. Unresponsive. Her whole body was red. Ambulances were called in. Helicopter was on stand by. I will never forget that fear.

I prayed all the way to the hospital that night. 2 more scares, ambulances and 2 extended stays at Womens & Children’s Hospital in both April & May 2017 with Respiratory Destress — so many tears, prayers & some of the scariest moments of my life.

Which lead up how I got into the oils. It took me getting to the bottom and just grasping for anything that would help her. I was tired of feeding my sweet baby girl syringes of meds, inhalers, nebs, missing work. Not sleeping. I prayed and prayed hard. I was sent a roller first for Jaelyns seizures. Then I was sent my own Momma roller. I started to see break through.

In July after many many calls and texts with my dear KJ. I ordered my kit. I plugged that diffuser in and started following all sorts of Facebook Pages, Pinterest boards & getting books to learn more about these little glass bottles. Never did I think it would go any further. But the Good Lord had started a fire inside of me. Just took me a while to find that and share it. And here that fire is spreading throughout this blog like crazy! When they say “set yourself on fire” cue that ball of flame now!!!! This blog is me catching what the Lord dangled in my face for so long and Sharing my Story, my struggles, my hopes & tears, heck my fears will probably come out on here too….

Jaelyn who took daily medication for numerous things has been off those same meds for 4 plus months. I honestly can not remember when I took her to the doctor last.

I use oils topical & internally on both kiddos, myself, farmer boy along with our horses and dogs too! We diffuse in our rooms-throughout the house, in my car & at the office as well.

Spring 2017 at Womens & Children’s. Her second month in a row almost 4 weeks apart

I’m truly blessed and believe in what these oils have done for my little family. Please Email or look me up on FaceBook or visit my Essentials with Kayla to learn more!!


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