Tending the Herd -

There are mornings I wake up & wonder why we put our hearts out there - why we try so hard for something so far out of reach ... I find myself second guessing myself. My “job” my passion - why I’m doing this at all ... isn’t that exactly what the Devil does? Pushes us negatively until we break down and cave ... losing our faith?


This second time momma is about to push me to my limits ... her baby girl is perfect. However the mommas attitude is a bit ... extreme. And more than I care to handle. Even with Jason’s help.

I left them penned up together- leaving with a prayer that momma would calm down and let her baby nurse on it’s own. And if not. Well here in about 20 minutes when I go down to chore I’ll run her back into the chute and strip her milk and teach Baby Girl to Nurse from a bottle.


So while it’s not ideal.... I’d rather have baby with her mom on green pasture with the rest of the herd. I don’t mind taking on the role and doing it myself. She’ll be the first true bottle baby of the year (as my lil bit passed away) ...


This is my Job. This my role in Agriculture. This is my passion and what sets my soul on fire.... this is what the Lord has lead me too ... tending the herd. And learning to be a Shepard. Opening my eyes to some thing even bigger than jus being a farm wife & momma.

We’re raising the next generation of Shepard’s.

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