Tagging Calves Vlog #10 from 2.10.2020

Tag Along as we Make our Custom Tags from Ritchey Tags (https://ritcheytags.com) - how we use a "Hoof Doctor" aka .. #hoofcatcher aka #calfcatcher ... never miss out.

Follow the link https://youtu.be/FD9xEmwQROU or click the picture below!

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Check back in a few days for the latest around the Farm ... with new calves!!!

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Chronicles of a Farmers Wife features a Mid-Missouri Farm Momma and wife - centered around Faith, Family and yes a whole lot of farm life too. Our family is excited to bring you into the center of what farming & our family stands for! A window into my farm story - I will be posting multiple videos along with my Blog & Podcast weekly as we go through our daily chores. We want to share with you what it is like to work on a family farm, how to manage and take care of cattle, horses & chickens as well as learn more about the Hay Business.

Chronicles of a Farmers Wife with Kayla Wieczorek is a new channel and chapter in my life. Check in to see what’s happening on the farm every few days as there’s never a day quite the same! Tag Along for the Adventure -

- Kayla Wieczorek. (kW 💛)

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