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Today’s blog simply goes back to where it all began. A reminder of who I’ve become over the last 30 years .. yes that’s right I’m the Big 3-0. Crazy huh?! Most days I sure don’t feel that old - and I get reminded of that often by the kids and crazy heifers that yes. I am that old. But in the last decade I’ve lost part of my soul - gained it back only to let it get dropped into a black pit a time or two along the way.

The last ten years have had amazing ups but some pretty big mistakes as well as many moves. Truth be told I’ve always dreamed of having farm land, cattle and ranch ponies. Sure took me a while to get there - bumps and pot holes in the road. It took meeting the right person to put those all back into reality.

Last week I dropped the Vlog, PodCast and a Brief Blog titled ”My Why”... I sure couldn’t of gotten “my dreams” without the help and support from our families. Raising cattle and riding horses was implanted at a very young age. Asking for a horse every holiday - and now I’ve got several to ride. But finding the time not to mention a dry spot right now is a little tougher. I chose - Family & the Farm over hauling all over Mid-Mo and surrounding states to chase buckles down like some of the other local girls. I’d rather be home. Raising babies, calves and helping around the Family Farm we’ve created.

I love runnin’ just as much as the next girl - not to mention the feeling of letting your Mare run HER speed across the fields with your spirit flying free above her. But being a partner and a helpmate to your Farming Husband you make sacrifices. Putting our kiddos before my own passions. Is important to me. Tucking them in at night - having a home cooked meal. Like my momma did for us.

Gods path way hasn’t always been easy. I’ve gotten lost and stuck in ruts because I got off the roadway. Trying to “build” my own way. Wasn’t exactly easy. And in some cases. I’ve had to do a lot of walking when the car got stuck or broke down that “deserted path” (of the Devil). But learning what’s important- what family means - what your goals and passions hold in life.... remembering maybe how you grew up. Being a little more thankful for the little things that so often get over looked and maybe not as appreciated as they should.

It amazes me that how often our world (just because we chose it a little differently) you’re bashed down. All because our freedom of speech. We took literally. And due to someone elses opinion- we feel the need to delete / coward out of whatever we might of published.

Launching the YouTube Channel was one of those “should I? what if I offend? What will OTHERS think?” That had me second guessing posting what I felt and go through on a daily basis around the Farm that Jason & his parents created. “My Farm Story” was seen through my own person day and life .. something I got excited about sharing with the world. Women in Ag. FARM FAMILIES in ag - how it truly does take a FAMILY to raise “Free Range Farm Kids” not just livestock. there’s no way we could do what we do if it wasn’t for the simple fact of having both of our parents help us along the way - weither it be making lunches during the day, helping with homework and snacks with the kids after school, to hauling hay in and picking up parts along the way because we simply don’t have the time to run somewhere. It’s calling in backup because we don’t really have a “sitter” for the kids. We have Grandparents and My sister & her husband that help us keep our littles alive and fed when things get crazy.

i am far from being perfect - I take things for granted - I don’t often say “thank you” let alone “I love you” as much as I probably should. But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it every day. Being able to wake up and seriously enjoy my day “at work”. Is every day peaches and ice cream?! Hardly. Jasons approach to a “pre planned” day drives me nuts - but I know that it’s just part of who he is - and loving him regardless ... it’s being able to check cattle by 9am and spending time mucking stalls oit - taking time to reflect. Soaking up just how Blessed I truly am. Even when I’m covered in Cow Shit.

In the coming months I’d like to touch more of you across the world of YouTube as I Vlog My Farm Adventure - as I continue to add to the Podcast channel (because I simply LOVE others who do it) and of course here in the Blog.

thanks for reading - tagging along and of course letting me know what you think!



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