Sunday Sunshine...

Good morning .. Happy Sunday!

I've been a little MIA over here on the blog side of the page.. well honestly that and the podcasts too.. Focusing more on adding the Vlog's to the YouTube Channel Chronicles of a Farmer's Wife

Recently I've found a new found love for baking.. and by that I really mean Sourdough. Funny thing is... I love to cook and bake I just never really take time to do it. There always seems to be something more important to get done.. But with the kids home from Covid19 I've found that I truly do enjoy having them in the kitchen with me even if it does get a little messy and frustrating at times..

With that being said... I'm going to be adding an a new page to the site... Kayla's Kountry Kitchen. It'll have some of the recipes listed and blogs to how I made it or... flopped! Depending on how it goes.. I may even include some short "how-to" Videos.. if I have time..

Baking has become my new stress reliever.. and to be honest I am a stress eater... probably won't help those jeans I love to wear.. but hay season and summer is just around the corner and unless Jas gets my '52 ac fixed.. I'll be haying in a sauna ...

Things have been a little more stressful the last month with trying to be a momma, teacher, hired hand.. and simply me.. I know all the parent are in the same boat at this point. Trying to keep some sort of routine, doing homework, keeping up with "school" and also trying not to lose their poop with their kids.. or at least that's how its going on my side.. I might of forgone the school work and replaced it by farming living .. the kids are helping more and more each day as we gear up for Hay Season. They have their Chicken Responsibilities along with helping do Cattle Chores and shop work..

Finding a new routine this week... to set my own self up for success.. from vlog editing, school work, dreaded house keeping and just finding a good balance between it all..

Look for a weekly "Chore Report" to come out from here... it'll include the weeks Videos and recipes I've used in the kitchen.. we'll see how it goes...

thanks for tagging' along and being a huge support group for me!

It truly means a lot..

have a great day!

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