Ranch Ramblins on a Friday Night

It’s funny ... I set down this morning with a bit of a heavy heart. Not knowing what the start would look like. Even though I was doing my “normal routine“.

Wake up - let’s the pups out ... fill my blender cup up and jump start on the video editing from yesterday’s cattle / rotational grazing footage. But something stopped me in my tracks.

The Vlog I posted this morning wasn’t from yesterday at the Creek Farm but instead one from friday night. It was weighing heavenly on my soul. To share it. Even though it was a little bit more of the raw and extremely unedited. It was me rambling on about life through my eyes with the cows.

a Friday night “date“ with myself and what makes me truly happy. The Farm. The Quiet of it. The Cattle. I mean the only thing really missing was the fact I hadn’t rode my horse there - but it was nearly 9 and the sun was just setting.

I debated opening myself up to the world.

But wasn’t that the whole point of this “YouTube” vlog thing I started in January. To open my farm life to you guys?!

for whatever reason god has a purpose for ME. I am to be the Light for someone. I am to make a difference to someone else that I’ve never met by sharing my mistakes, my failures, my experiences and yes. Maybe even my joys and success too. It’s a trial and error way of life. You have to learn as you go... soak up life like a sponge and never quit learning

This morning as I make an Apple French Toast bake for the sitters ... I find peace in my heart. Because while I can’t wrangle 8 kids like she can- I can bake. I can be the light at least with breakfast for her.

Something so little - can mean so much. Words are actions you can’t return. And it has me thinkin more and more on the side of Mental Health and how important it is to find peace and quiet in your own mind to be able to succeed.

hence my mornin Ranch Ramblins... it’s been a while since I’ve felt the urge to truly write and share. Here anyways. It’s easy to catch cows and tractors on video. A little harder to catch your self wearing an open heart on your plaid sleeve.

Monday Mornings are now for Ranch Ramblins. I am finding a new routine. A new schedule with in the sharing of my story. And not just the Farming Side of things. From the Kitchen to the Barn to the Fields to Faith, Family and yes a whole lot of farming too .. I open the door a little more for you guys.

tag along for a new thing ... “Ranch Ramblins” 💛

to watch the Video ... hit the link below (or the picture should get you there too!)

Vlog 84: Ranch Ramblings with the Cows #RanchRamblings #WieczorekFarms


thanks for taggin along 😘

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