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Struggling with Commitment ? Me too! Welcome back to the page y’all for 2019 💗

Are you as committed to your relationship as you are say your job or your hobby? What about your commitment to God?? Today was the first time I’d set down at church for quite some time … the last few months have been a little rough around the edges. God had continued to Bless me & id “sort of” been praising and studying His word. But not to the true commitment I should of. I’ve also noticed of late I’ve become this ugly bitter person inside. Which I shouldn’t be. I’m almost as happy as I could ever remember being. I wake up and I get to spend my time checking cows, working in the barn, seeing my kids more in the last month and half than I probably have in the last say year… but something was missing. I’ve kept filling that what “things”. I’m not a “shopper”.. I don’t feel the need to buy new clothes or shoes when I’m down. I tend to eat and cry .. and then make myself sick because of the crap I’d been fed. It’s a viscous cycle. One i tend to find myself in ALOT over the years. Where I’d go through this “mental” period of not feeling “right”. Blaming it on hormones, jobs, relationships, kids etc… when in relation it’s because I’d walked further from God everytime and instead was letting the Devil dictate my life. He’s very sneaky. He knows JUST how to play. Feels ME with self doubt, depression, and now bitterness… it’s a FIGHT. And some days… I lose. The last few weeks have been “Great” on the outside. But on the inside I’ve become this black pit.. because the Devil took that spot. I’d lost my commitment and relationship with God … and it truly shows.

This week I will really dig into the scripture from our Church Study Sunday. I posted my notes below for those of you that might also need a little more nudge. Committing is never easy – because within it people think there are these set limitations. When you are able to change the mindset of what a “true” committed relationship stands for.. its like a dam is released. The barriers are broken & you are rewarded with inner strength. Look at it this way. Committed older couples that have been together 25+ years won’t tell you that’s its all been happy smiles and long kisses.

Pick one thing to be committed to this week; your spouse/partner.. your kids.. your job .. your health.. a hobby or simply Choosing God to guide you through the rest of those. Dig deeper into finding a strong commitment.

Sunday Service Notes 1.27.19 – Jason Yancey

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