Raising the Next Generation 💚

This .. RIGHT HERE ... excites me. But it also reminds me in a way that I don’t always see. The fact that little eyes are ALWAYS watching.

Jae has waited & watched since November to touch this filly. She’s sat quietly from a safe distance. Asking questions. Wondering why she can’t come closer at times.

Yesterday was the first day Diamond didn’t Shy away. It fueled my spirit in such a way. And a simple reminder. That our children watch every single thing we do. From tending the Cattle to running tractors to learning to quiet a scared filly.

It’s a reminder that we are raising the next generation - that some day they can say “We’re proud to be #WieczorekFarms - a second generation of farmers!”

Keaton has been mimicking Jason from almost day one of him entering our lives ... he began insisting on jeans and boots at age 4 even in the 100 summer months baling hay right beside Jason.... to never going anywhere without his pliers and wrench (just as Jas does) because you never know when you’ll need to fix something.

This truly melted my heart in so many “mom” ways. It’s got me so excited for the summer hay season. It’s got me excited to continue on our farm dreams - to share and AgVocate the world.

It’s got me excited to raise the next generation in a world that seems to of lost its marbles. Maybe it just needs to take a step back.

And play in the dirt again !!!

Wieczorek Farms, LLC

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