More to come 💛

Goooood MoooooMorning Monday!!!

Thank you guys for being such a huge support group through this adventure!! Taking ya along each day through the Vlogs has been a new change and challenge but an exciting way for me to share a little bit of our Daily Farming Life! This Window into my world has opened my own eyes to realize just how important Farming is- especially in today’s crazy world we live in.

Look for my favorite go-to recipes to start being uploaded to the Chronicles of a Farmer’s Wife Website along with Essential Oils that I cant seem to live without. Taking another Leap of Faith as we are all under quarantine these days and spreading more of the words God has given me through the blog & podcast.

I woke up this morning with so many things running through my head & I know that Gods purpose right now is for me to share these messages with y’all right here. Straight from this Farm Wife 💛

You can subscribe to the YouTube Channel, sign up for emails from the Website to never miss out on new Blog posts too!

I am so entirely blessed and excited to share more from my eyes, family & of course cows & the daily farm with you!

Kick back & simply enjoy 😉

Have a Blessed day!!


The original Blog Spot where it started ( I am slowly VERY slowly trying to get them moved over!!)

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