MoooCow Monday Vlog 8 - 2.3.2020

Good morning y'all ... spent yesterday working and editing some video during another Mid Mo Snow Day around the Farm...

MoooCow Monday Vlog 8 (2.3.2020) brought a new Heifer calf at 5am to start the day! Beautiful 62 degree weather had the sunroof open -- #tagalong for the adventure .. a window into my farm life. Visit the Creekside Farm as I give a shot to one of our yearling calves who just wasn't feeling her best .. and of course we're still waiting on calves to be born too!

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Thanks for checking out Life on Wieczorek Farms. Chronicles of a Farmers Wife features a Mid-Missouri Farm Family! Our family is excited to bring you into the center of what farming & our family stands for! We will be posting multiple videos along with the HayGirls Blog & Podcast weekly as we go through our daily chores. We want to share with you what it is like to work on a family farm, how to manage and take care of cattle, horses & chickens as well as learn more about the Hay Business. We will also bring you hints and tips in the kitchen, round pen, and raising up "Free Range Farm" kids!

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