Monday’s don’t suck ....

Hear me out ...

It’s nearing “Monday” again ... and it’s got me thinking this am ... my Monday isn’t much different than a Thursday or a Saturday for me....

I’m still up before the sun rises - I still have Chores & cows to check. I still have work to do ... I work 12-18 hour days some weeks ... there’s some long nights in the hay fields where I don’t even bother going to bed - I just roll into the next day knowing well have a rain day eventually.


Maybe it’s the extra Vitamin D this week - maybe it’s the simple fact I’ve been AGVocating Jason & Is dream & purpose over the last few days. Maybe it’s because I finally get to share my passion without feeling “silly” for posting about it.

There’s BIG BIG BIG things coming to Wieczorek Farms starting tomorrow (March 1!!!) it’s a New month. A New MONDAY. And just maybe I have a new mindset with that.

Monday’s Aren’t the problem ... it’s your negative mindset in what “Monday” brings. Jason has preached and preached to me about finding what “I’m good at” & just rolling with it. I’ll be honest in 2019 I wasn’t real sure me leaving the Financial Industry was the right choice. Fast forward a year ... 2021.

My only regret is not listening to him in the beginning of 2017... when he asked me

“is sitting in an office in clothes you hate wearing a fake smile going to make you happy the rest of our lives?!”

and you know what ... he was right. I wasn’t happy. I was just playing a role. From the hair & manicured nails - to the fancy dresses and high heels. It was just a “job”. It became me dreading Monday. It began me using all my vacation days to spend baling hay or going to the sale barn with Jason. It became me crying nearly every day having a severe anxiety attack the 45 minute drive every single morning leaving the house. It became something I seriously hated....

Let me be REAL clear here... MY job was GREAT. I had amazing co workers. I had a great support system. I had a desk job ... with amazing perks. ... BUT it also Was slowly suffocating me. It took me nearly 8 months to realize that.

8 MONTHS of thinking that my depression was related some where else. Because I was fighting what the Good Lord and Jason was putting in front of me. I FAUGHT IT HARD! I was trying to become an advisor myself - I went through the Series 7 ... and that’s what broke me. What tore me down. And made me realize. That’s not the life I wanted to live.

I wanted more time on the farm. More time with the kids. More time with Jason & building our dream. I was becoming an Advisor for all the wrong reasons. Selfish reasons. That would of probably yes gotten me those goals (the same GOALS IM living right NOW!) only in about another decade.

so why am I sharing?!?! why am I exposing my mistakes. Faults. Depression. Problems ... because I have a passion. and it’s not just for Agriculture or Cows ... or sitting in a tractor every day during the hot summer months.

it’s because God has given me an amazing opportunity to share #ourfarmstory from here to the YouTube Channel Chronicles Of Farmer’s Wife - Wieczorek Farms

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