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The last week has reminded me just how much passion it takes to Farm and Raise Livestock. 2020 rolled in with sore & achey muscles - but it also reminded me that each morning I wake up to living my dreams.... Considering its only January 5th .... roughly at 5:24am... all we've done THIS year.. is CATTLE!!! Literally! Every single day.. We've moved gates, sorted off weaned calves, weighed-vaccinated & retagged heifers being exposed to the bull for the first time - - we've culled out some older cows - and to top it all off. We brought home our Bred Cattle on Friday to do about 30 Preg-Check's yesterday ...oh. And how could I forget. Me and my Father-N-law putting away some that had jumped paddocks and creek too!

Earlier this week my parents had stopped in - just as we was finishing up the yearlings & had them loaded back on the trailer to go back to the Farm. They got out and in true form my dad said "well looks like I got here just in time"... we was done for the day besides choring. But in that moment - it took me back.. to when it was me trying to chase him and Grandpa Brooks down the back dirt road on my bike. Trying to catch up to go do chores. A lot as changed since then..... but I know this is God's Plan & Path. Otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here ...

It was when I caught my dad telling Jason's parents "This was always Her passion first". It sparked something inside of me. THIS IS mostly my dream... Jason and his parents sort of just "go" along with it.. never in a million years when I brought home a bottle bull from my uncle and a premie heifer calf from a friend --- did I expect to be choring about 60 head of Cows with about half that meaning calves and weaned ones in tote. That night my parents stayed to help chore - it was getting dark and both Jason and I still had a lot to do.. Go Figure - It is farm life... Dad went with the boys to do hay at the farm. While my momma helped sis with her milking the bottle calves. While "Cookie aka Chip" was head butting mom through the fence -- my mind went back to about 25 years ago. Having my first bucket calf named " Freckles" and mom helping me - just as I have taught Jaelyn. This was her life - she was asked "Do you miss this?" Her simple reply "This was always Artie & Kayla's dream".

This Cattle Adventure ... has given me freedom to quit working full-time... it's also giving me more work to do. I can honestly say I never expected us to grow this fast this soon - after starting with just two in 2018 -- but with Jason. It's literally ALL or nothing with him.. and he's given me it his all .. all the way through.

Every time I go over to the Cattle Farm - my chest gets tight. I soak of the quiet - the peace of it all - the land - the trees - the fence lines - the time and effort we've put into building that piece of ground up from hardly anything. (It had had some poor management prior to us- but it's thriving now). I find myself lifting my head up even in the rain - to say a Prayer of Thanks. And not just for the cattle. Because that's so much more. But thankful for finding my true "soul-mate" along the way - one who shares these same crazy bovine thoughts as me - even if he doesn't understand it yet.. He will. he's learning - I mean yesterday he learned about sticking his hand up a cow's behind to find her baby - feel the calves heart beating & I think one even sucked on his fingers through the sack... That's life - that's a simple reminder of All God's work --- New Babies - new year - new adventures --- and I'm sure a whole lot more work in store. He gets ME -- even when we fight - He's still there - a True Partner. I have nearly everything a girl could ask for. He loves me through the faults & mistakes. He Believes in this Crazy Dream of Mine. Even if it meant I might of over budgeted ourselves when he turned me lose to do my own Heifer Bidding. But he knew.... I wouldn't be "happy" unless I brought at least one or two home - those are my Dream Heifers. Many won't understand the Genetic Lines behind them - and that's okay.. I'll show you along the way.. just as I Have him..

The youtube Channel - Chronicles of a Farmers Wife is releasing a New Series --- "2020 Around the Farm". This is just a little way of me sharing my Passion for Farming & the Agri Life .. and maybe showing you there's more to it then cowboy boots and flannel shirts ... the blood, sweat, tears, probably some anger along the way .. but this is the dream I've had for as long as I can remember growing up... and for that I am truly blessed...even when I'm the only one awake each morning doing the chores. It's a simple reminder when making what seems like a gallon or two of Calf Replacer Milk. That the Lord has Blessed me. Even when I don't always feel that way.  

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Have a blessed Sunday - I'm headed to chore with a smile and happy heart this morning!

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