JDTCO & CFW GiveAway! 🛠

Good Morning ... so I’m glad you decided to follow the simple instructions from the YouTube Video!

Heres the deal ... we’ve teamed up with Nick at Jersey Discount Tool in New Jersey. You’ve heard me mention numerous times how much we love our farm tools ... those tools come from JDT - John makes sure Jason & I have the things we need to be successful from a little “YouTube nudge” to having the tools to get the job done right!


When we do our LIVE Youtube Video on - you will need to be available to email these 3 answers if your name is called out!!!

1) What is Jason’s Favorite Tool ?!? .....

2) What is my horses name ?!? ....

3) Where is JDT located ?!!!

These answers were all found in the Vlog that lead you HERE?!?!

Simple Right?!

We are giving away TWO gift Baskets of goodies ... a guys & girls per say?!?!

Are you ready?!?

don’t forget to hit the notification button so you won’t miss out!

Visit JDTCo ---- https://www.jerseydiscounttoolco.com or on YouTube

Tag Along Tuesday, February 16 at 7:30pm for the LIVE YOUTUBE Giveaway !!!

📺 https://youtu.be/AY9ZyMP1QaI direct link for the Live!!

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