It’s Okay .... to share your story

Did you know it’s “OKAY” to share your story?! Your Passion?! Your failures & mistakes?!? The not perfect side of you?!?

It’s Okay - to start ... start over. Start for the time first. But just START!

“To Begin your story today - Those Mistakes you made along the way are lessons, not failures! You were made to get back Up & find a way! There‘a NO due date to stop you from reinventing yourself!” -Kayla Wieczorek

One of my main reasons for this whole blog was to have a purpose ... to write out what I’m personally going through as a way of journaling my own issues out. Writing is my therapy ... but along the lines of sharing my own words of thoughts with friends over the last four years developed into something so much more.

it went from writing for my own self to writing with a purpose of helping someone else going through the same struggles in life. From marriage (which I’ve nearly ruined along the way) to farm raised kids ... to my small attempts at cooking to my daily struggles of walking a Christian Life ... to just being me to share ME. With the soul purpose of maybe someone out there getting just a little bit to say “I’ll make it too!”

When we decided to take on the world web and YouTube I never thought we’d be where we are today. It was just another outlet ... to share our farm story. But it’s so much more - it’s advocating a purpose. Our Farm Story.

and in 2021... we are continuing to grow. I’m excited about this next chapter in our lives... stay tuned. I think you’re really going to love it!



Let your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16



📸 Credit by Kayla Leake Photography

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