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Earlier this week I talked about some "fancy" Heifers that I (yes, VERY selfishly) bought. Let me give you ya a little background into why these mean so much to me! Its more than just knowing Genetics and having a set of papers. It is something I had planned to have a long time ago; the timing just had never been there. I didn't have a "partner" per say that I necessarily wanted to even share that dream with .... until the FarmBoy came along in 2013. And even then .. the timing hadn't arrived. I used to joke around with him "to fix a screw up all he had to do was bring me home some black babies" and all year he's delivered and then some!

Some will say "papers" aren't good for anything and others will probably question my sanity in how much money I laid down for them. But here's the thing. Those seven heifers are the future for me. They are going to be my retirement, they're in hopes going to be something my kids will grow into loving and doing as well. Jason and his dad went to the Black Friday Special at the sale barn after Thanksgiving. Some of those bought just as much as the "fancy" ones yet aren't anything special and defiantly not of the quality of the ones I have. Mine are guaranteed to be some of the best of the very best. You don't have to get "my why" or reasoning -- but don't need to tear it down just because you don't get it.

So lets dig into what makes them BE "fancy"... These new #ShowMeSelect Heifers will eventually lead to possibilities such as having the name "WIECZOREK" something or another tagglined with ”SkyHigh” . I am always hearing "Be Proud of who I am... of what my name means - what I represent".

Well this is WHO I AM. Who God made me to be . I am a #Cattlewoman through and through. It started at a young age and only grew. and now I get to do the same thing with my own kids. Raise them up with Livestock and on the Farm... true #FreeRangeFarmKids. It was listening every day with my dad and Grandpa Brooks to the Brownfield Reports - it was waking up early to get dressed to make sure I wasn't left behind - it was helping at the Silos even when it was cold or hot.

I am not saying everyone has to go this "special" route. Sale barns are great places to learn. To watch and figure out what direction you want to take your own herd, rather it be for Market Steers/Heifers, Bred Cows or the Bull lineup side of things. IT all takes time - it all is part of the Cattle world. Granted, yes there will be days of special sales at the barn but here's the thing... you are still exposing yourself. Each guy can say how a cow is bred - I mean we have a SydGen bull (from my uncle where this whole cattle herd started.. a simple bucket bull calf).

Here's the thing with the ShowMe Select program - numerous vets check them over. They have to - its required. Think of it this way .... As a Beauty Pageant for Heifers < only the most sophisticated move up. And not to say that farm boy hasn't brought home some decent stock - especially to learn from at a good fair price.. BUT to have the diversification and quality that I am looking to expand on - these SMS Reg Angus Heifers are going to open more doors.

Buying these Heifers is leaving the gate open to a whole pasture of opportunity. I know there is at least one bull calf in the works. It could just be the start... the next top bull. I mean "Wieczorek PayDay" Does have a nice ring to it; right?

Not to mention, this set only came five miles down the road which is almost the best part! It's sparked a new friendship not just a business contract and checks being swapped out. You can find more of this selection of Heifers, at Spencer Creek Farms, own and operated by Bryan Evans.

So .. now that I've given you some knowlegede.. how about you meet the Girls. Most of the cattle, I do not name - they're all big mommas or their tag numbers in their ears. Yes.. I have a few with names that I might of babied or had to help get back going... but the lovely ladies are just a little more special... they showed up right before Christmas - they're just missing their cute red bows!

With that being said .. #628 earned her name as “Faith”. She was the first one to let me rub her nose & give her a protein cube. She’s out of “SkyHigh“ and you don’t get too much fancier than that.

Merry Christmas to “Me”


They sure do love that Teff Hay 🌾

Slide to see the New Lovely Ladies 🖤💛🤍

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