Goood Morning Folks!

Hay Hey HEY! Heheh ... Good Morning yall and welcome back to the corner of the HayGirl!

Earlier I took some "me" time... even when it was dark outside, because lets be honest mom life never slows down and esp on the farm. There's always something that needs feed, fixed or worked on. Its never a dull moment around here thats for sure.. THe last few weeks I have not taken that "momma needs a break time"... and it was certainly starting to show. In everything I did. I was cranky- short tempered. With Jason, the kids.. horses - it all.. because I wasn't feeding my soul. I was putting the fire out that God has been relighting for so long.. I kept throwing a bucket of fridgit water on it. Until the last few days... with the time change I was able to get up at 4:30 and jump start my day.

One would think working from home they'd have all the time in the world to work on their own projects.. that's a load a poop. stinky horse poop. Since leaving the structure of having a nine to five job my hobbies sort of got shoved to the back burner. Shiloh was rode daily last year.. this year.. not so much. She got the break she needed but our confidence sucked needless to say.

They say Dogs are Mans best friend until they join up with a horse.. and that's the simple truth. SO today I did something JUST FOR ME ! And well all yall who decide to follow along.. on my YouTube Channel, Chronicles of a Farmers Wife might have already seen .. but for others who aren't clued in yet - I am doing a series with my barrel mare, #RECurvesPlayNRare aka Shiloh .. #ShiningwithShiloh - today I touched on Confidence.. which is something i greatly lack. I constantly worry about things out of my control.. don't worry .. Leo gets his own, #LessonswithLeo ...

Confidence - Anxiety - Stress - Worry .. the horses help me with all that. Regardless if I am just doing slow ground work in the round pen, taking off across country at the new farm or just brushing someone in the stalls - now that hay season has finally slowed down a bit and I am able to sit down more than just in a tractor seat, I am gearing up to drop several podcasts & ramblings -- just finding the confidence to hit "publish".

If you would - help share, like, subscribe and leave a comment.. not required but it does help me out ..

Welp I'm off to finish muckin stalls then its helping Jason in the shop move things around.

The #HayGirl




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