Good things take time... and what better time than NOW!

Ever want something right NOW... only to find out God says “slow down a darn minute and pay attention.”..... or is that just me? And my husband saying “you’re getting ahead of yourself don’t ya think?!”

Yea well.. that’s just sort of how my mind works. I’m a writer by nature. If ya haven’t figured that out by now... YOU aren’t paying attention (lol JK! Keep reading. Please!)

I can create lists and docs and pages of words .. but to find away to implement them is a much harder tool for me. Finding time and the editing alone to actually getting the courage to HIT PUBLISH on something that someone I’ve never met might take offense too?

It takes a long time and a lot of hard work. Jason reminded me that yesterday afternoon. It all takes time. No matter what you’re doing. From building a business to raising livestock & yes Kids too - to finding your niche at what you’re good at. Some are lucky. They get it early in life (like Jason.. Since 2007 he’s done hay...) but he’s still been at it. Building his business from the ground up.

Me... well there’s days I have no clue what it is I’m supposed to be doing. What purpose I am on this earth to serve. It all just takes time. Time to slow down. Write it out and find what makes your heart beat a little faster. What makes you (in my case) talk with excitement .. what drives you?!

This morning time is driving me. I have to be on the road in a bit to go get our Wingman & do a grocery haul while I’m at it. Because I’m that type person. One trip. While I’m out. Make the most of it.

I’ve made my 2021 list. Are they all going to be checked off?! Absolutely not... but know this. There’s 12 months - 365 days - and that time will pass regardless if I don’t accomplish anything.....


I’m truly excited to take y’all around the Farm in 2021. From preparing for winter, calves, riding horses, raising kids, cooking meals & more... thanks for being a part of 2020 with us at Wieczorek Farms.

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