For the Love of Farming!

“For the Love of Farming”

It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not for the weak. It’s for the Love of Farming. It’s the Lifestyle God lead us too. It’s tiring. It’s cold. It’s nerve breaking. It’ll shatter your heart at times. Every time we “suit up” to brave this cold - we’re walking into unknown situations. Praying all the way to the pastures. Praying we aren’t too late. Praying that life hasn’t gone out yet. Giving it all to God & trusting in the Season!” - @chroniclesofafarmerswife

Gods timing. His plan. We can’t control the weather anymore than we can control when our livestock start going into labor. All we can do is be there. Be on careful watch. Helping and leading a hand in trying times.

This weather is soul sucking. It’s mentally and physically draining. It’s about putting your complete trust in God and your knowledge to keep not only your herd safe - BUT YOU safe as well.

It’s knowing your limits - it’s knowing when you keep pushing and when it’s time to take a break. Farming isn’t a 9-5 desk job. It’s every day. Hot. Cold. Raining. Sweating. It’s 365 days ... it’s knowing every few hours were going back out in the elements to protect our livelihood.

Farming isn’t for everyone - but it’s for our family and I’m so thankful and blessed for the Life God has put us on to walk.

It’s been a long last 10+ days .... it’s been cold. It’s been frustrating. There’s been times I’ve doubted my abilities and the path I’ve chose to walk. There’s been moments of tears & anger. Chose words spoken. Praying for Life to Live. Praying for hope. And guidance. Praying that we’ll see the normal again ... putting your Trust fully into God.

That’s what the Love of Farming is to me ....

Be safe. God Bless & keep pushing through. It’s only a Season.... a complete season of trusting God!


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