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Finding Hope & Faith through Farming

All of us were in the middle of a hard but important lesson: farming is an act of faith. And a whole lot of hope too.... hands and knees in the dirt, planted firmly - praying to God - questioning yourself, the process, Even God himself at times. It’s allowing yourself every season to be raw and open - and at the Mercy of Him.

I have hit my knees more times than not in an alfalfa field or in a horse stall - than I probably have at the Church Alter. And that’s not saying much - because I’ve broken down there too.

Farming is an act of God. Yes you can plant, Fertilize, irrigate, replant - harvest, store & haul. But at the end of each day. The Good Lord is still in control of it all. We can’t control Mother Nature - just as we can’t control any other person.

And that at times is a hard pill to swallow - - Farming gives up that complete control to the Good Lord. A Reminder that without Hope & Faith you would not succeed in Agriculture.

“I didn’t learn surrender in a church. I learned it in a Hay field.” -Kayla Wieczorek

You may not be a farmer, but I’ll bet you know what it feels like to look out on what God has given you and see a wound in the fields you’ve been called to plant. You’ve probably heard a sermon or seen a social media graphic that reminded you it’s your job to plant the seeds, and it’s God’s job to make them grow.

Quite often, that is a pretty fitting metaphor — that is, if you can actually plant those seeds.

But what about the fields you can’t even get to? What do you do when you’ve been called to steward that which God has given to you, but you find yourself on the edge of your field with fistfuls of seeds that will never make their way into the ground?

Perhaps, for you, the inaccessible field looks like the heart of a wayward child who won’t listen anymore - Perhaps it’s an unfulfilled dream on which someone closed a door - that had no right to shut it.

Perhaps you’ve tried to plant seeds in a flailing job or a fractured family, but you can’t reach the field. It’s just too muddy - that when it finally dries up and you start to get a good day for field work - it goes and storms brining 2 more inches of rain ... and more mud!

Lord, why can’t I get to the field?

And while I don’t have those answers ... because every life is different. I do know that through Prayer. I would not be typing this out. I would not of left my Finance Career just as I was getting started - I left for something even greater. Something worth fighting for. Some thing that I thought 15 years ago was unreachable.

Because of the Power in Prayer -

I sat in church last week. It’s not big. It’s a small town community church. On average. There might only be 20-30 people in attendance.... but as I sat there listening - crying my eyes out on things I have no control on - I came to realize some bigger things.

Each and everyone one of us has a ”Field” - where our Hope & Faith is tested. Where we have to water, plant & trust the Good Lord come Harvest.

At some point we’ve all been sinners in need of a rain - maybe some only need a light mist while others of us (me included) need a good down pour to find the rainbow - of Gods Promise - because it’s there.... right where it was Planted. Just waiting for us to Harvest.

In 2021 I wanted to share that light - not just in faith but in Agriculture ... I wanted to AgVocate through sharing our farm story .. and part of that is also ... sharing my faith. The process. The hardships. The unplanted fields ... the sun rays of hope - the rainbows ...

So as I stand at the Kitchen window - out looking our Alfalfa Field - that has been a constant rotation of mixed feelings. Do we rip out. Or give it one more chance, I dwell in hope. And trust in Jason’s plan & the Good Lords Plans ... and hope - that it all works out.

It takes great courage, but we wake up each day with hope. We accept that disappointments happen, but we don’t lose hope.

A single bit of hope is a very powerful thing.

It compels you to look out on your fields, believing that in another season, another time, the fields will open up for you once more.

In time — if the seeds that God has placed in your hands were intended for those fields rolled out before you — they will open - and I promise you, they will.... just keep the Faith, Hope & Praying.

“As for me, I will always have hope.”

-Psalm 71:14

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