FarmHER Friday’s just got a little more fun! 💛

Good morning !

Happy Friday !

God is Good and yes. I know that America is feeling much of this broken heart but I know there’s a reason and a purpose because it’s spoken in the word!


So here’s where I’m being lead at 5am today...

Friday’s are for fun right?!

Every day around the farm is a “Friday” for me.

Trying something new in 2021 to better engage with all of you!

Each Friday I will be going Live at 11am from somewhere around the farm .. the barns to tractors to hay fields and yes probably even in the middle of the cows at some point.

Ask me questions - have a set down conversation with me. Spark ideas for the YouTube channel... help spread the word of Agriculture through our Farm story!


I am truly blessed and love the life that God has laid out for me. It’s hard. It’s not always fun. It’s a struggle bus at times. But it’s a blessing.

in case you miss the live segment from Facebook ... it’ll be saved to the YouTube Channel under the Playlist “FarmHER Friday Facebook Lives”





“Let your light shine!”

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