EXCERPT FROM: The Cowboys Angel – A Freedom Rein Ranch Novel (Book 1)

With such feedback from releasing the back cover of The Cowboys Angel – A Freedom Rein Ranch Novel…. here is a few excerpts from the book this far.

***Please know it’s a work in progress. It hasn’t been sent to a publisher yet. But in God’s time it will. Should you love it enough to share it with your own family, friends and pages PLEASE do so. But make sure to share it from the Horses, Hay & Harmony Page (and like it too). 💕


No longer were we the terrific three; running barrels & riding broncs chasing the next race & rodeo. And after the accident neither Jazzy or I had the interest. Jasper wasn’t here. And we didn’t watch his fame and random hook ups he had on his arm after each ride on tv. We both kept our secret tabs. Reading on the stats and whatever newsfeed that did an interview on the small town cowboy making it big in the NFR. Pouring our hearts into the equine program and now her youth kids too had been exhausting, taking all their spare time. With Jazzy you didn’t get a half hearted dream done. It was all or nothing with her. Taking a moment to reflect and praise God for all the trials that landed them where thy were at now- Kaci whispered into the breeze her praises.


Jasper couldn’t believe his dumb luck. Nearly hitting some crazy God loving woman. But damn did she look like an angel. Something about her perplexed him. But he didn’t have time to deal with it. She’d picked up whatever she had dropped when he drove by her. Crazied woman should of been paying attention not walking down the road with her head in the clouds. But then his own Jazzy was the same way. He had been having too many late nights where he couldn’t get the ranch and his mom and sister out of his mind. He’d been gone too long. Avoiding what spirit lived across the fence line. Knowing she was long gone now to become some big time trainer in another state running barrels according to his momma last time they’d spoken. Least while he was home it’d be one less woman he had to listen to yell at him. Jasper climbed back into his trophy truck. Threw it in gear and tore down the road to the only place that ever did feel like home.



Kaci knew he was there. Lurking in the open stall front. He thought he was being sneaky. But even six years gone he didn’t know how to hide from her. It was a sense she knew all to well. A presence he always carried around. She’d missed that comfort for so long. But she couldn’t let him see how it effected her. She kept Asher in hand. He was a gorgeous buckskin. But for all his beauty he didn’t seem to have the common sense of a horse. He stumbled and didn’t know how to carry himself. It was slow work but she’d give him time to grow. There was no hurry with this big boy. She’d planned to keep him out of the sell lot as soon as she’d seen the half moon crest on his forehead. It was the same marking Cowboy had. She knew Asher would be special the day he was foaled. She’d barely made it to catch Champagnes Star birth her last foal. Kaci had known that she was cutting it close. Asking for one more out of Star.


“Ah Hell Kaci.” He got out. The rain coming down so hard he was soaked just from a few steps her Jeep was locked. And she was no where in sight. He got back into his truck. Reached for his phone. First he tried her cell. Nothing but voicemail. She probably never turned it back on from church knowing her. He rang his mother and shot off a text to Jazzy and even Maverick just in case she’d called him. Sitting there everyone had come back saying they hadn’t heard or seen her.


She found him working Asher in the open arena. Strong arms but soft hands guided the young horse. Not wanting to disturb or distract either of them from their morning exercise. She walked towards the back paddock to watch the two. Jasper was a rare sight. The warmth of the sun beat down. His shirt long gone in the Texas heat. His young gangly frame was filled with toned muscle. She knew he’d been in shape before but now it was hard and earned muscle. Years of being on the rodeo circuit and having to be on top condition. Coming home only added to those lines. Lord it wasn’t a wonder that they weren’t having to beat the town ladies off with a stick. Between his smooth Texas drawl, killer smile and a butt that could make any wrangler commercial he was like a cowboy God – sent straight from Heaven for her.


“Lord Kaci – I don’t deserve you but I can’t stop” Keeping his arms around her, Jasper kissed her again. Tasted her sweet lips. Held her close and kept right on kissin’ her. He backed her into the stall front. The feel of the wood hit her shoulder blades; drawling her out of the dream, bringing her back to the present.

She couldn’t fall back in love with him again. He was just passing through. She pushed away. “Please stop”. It’d caught him off guard that he’d stumbled backwards giving her just enough room to slip out and run away.

+++Stay tuned for when the book is finished being edited and sent off to a publisher. It will be available on Amazon for Kindle or in true book form. 💕🤠


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