Dream Big 💭

Just a little inspiration to get us through the end of the week ...

“Never Give up on a Dream ... just because of the time it takes to get there. Time will pass all the same.”


If you’d of asked me nearly two years ago if this would be what I’m doing day in and day out... I’d of honestly said “I was using vacation time to work with the cattle & Jason”.

Having a Dream and writing it down is only one step of that puzzle. And deep down 2020 has given us those opportunities to explore the unknown. It’s scary. There’s still days I sit down at the table and wonder if I made the right choice in leaving the Finance Industry.

Had I lost my mind?!?! Benefits - insurance - a PAYCHECK. But guess what. This dream was big enough to succeed. Keep pushing. Keep dreaming. Keep moving forward. Get out of your head (if you’re like me!!) and “just do it”!

And don’t ever give up on yourself 💛


Read more in the blog ... “Dream Big” at www.chroniclesofafarmerswife.com/blog


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