Don’t let the Camel of the Day Steal from You!

Happy “Hump“ Day!

I saw this a while back & couldn’t resist resharing it with my own words later on when the time came ... it had be thinking this morning as I was doing some editing from yesterday (sort of my morning routine before choring and kids and my day gets filled with whatever needs to be done farming wise!




How often do we let some one or some thing block our view? For these little farm animals it’s a silly Humped Camel 🐫 taking up Wednesday?!

I know that often times I’m the same way. I see some thing beginning to block my view or the day or becoming an issue (even before it’s gotten there) and I let it set there. When in reality I should probably just go on and move about my day. But the Anxiety of that Camel is settled there just taking up space.

2020 has been one of those years that I’m sure we’d all love to just push on to ‘21... and while it’s had its challenges I’ve learned so much more about what’s truly important.

Next week as Thanksgiving rolls in ... and I pray your family is able to sit down relax and enjoy the simplicity of the Holiday. I know we will be. And for that I am thankful for small rural living (and yea sort of the fact we have a smaller family makes gathering still possible!!)

Don’t let the small hump steal what’s important.... keep pushing through the muck and mud & be grateful for life we’ve been given. I know I sure am.

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