Don't Let a Brisk Mornin' slow you down!

Its a brisk Monday morning, I’ve been up since before the alarm went off at five .. simply reflecting and thanking God for all the Blessings that have come from the long trials and tribulations throughout the last few years.

I can honestly say ten years ago I never would of dreamed how I’d be sitting here typing away - talking about bred fancy heifers, fast barrel racers, hay farming and of course... the haymaker Jason.. its funny how in the quiet morning when the Sun hasn’t peaked out across the Alfalfa field that I stop to enjoy the most little things.

I’d even have to say even five years ago I didn’t see this coming.. I used to wake up early to workout and try to get somethings caught up before heading out the door at 6:45 to make it to work on time.. today it would of been even earlier as we have a few inches of snow to drive through.

Working the farm side by side Jason is HARD. We have diffidently tried each others patients thin this summer. If asked, Id say its more on my side then his unless we’re in the fields and I can’t get my baler and accumulator situated. When we decided for me to “mini retire” from Jones last December I never would of dreamed how things would of progressed. I had prayed for years for this moment. For us to have cattle, me work from home.. doing exactly what it is I love... Farming. I may never be the best house wife.. but I can hang with Jason throwing wood for the furnaces, I can bucket five gallons of water or feed - I can help set fence posts but mostly ... I am happy. It took awhile to see that.

When hay season ended, and the sun started showing less and less of its warmth.. my depression snuck out in this evil force. It’s not something I really like to broadcast. But if we’re going to be raw.. I need to be real and honest too. I was starting to not feel a “purpose” on the farm.. I couldn’t ride my ponies but didn’t seem as if I had a job one we put the baler away in October. Then of course the snow came.. and things got nasty. Its why I took back to blogging and hoping to share more of the podcast, and YouTube of the FarmLife if I can figure out how to edit the craziness out.. or simply the loud tractors. That too will come.

I have prayed, reflected, given thanks... I couldn’t do this without my Faith, Family and this Farm.. I grew up farming - knew it was always what I wanted. But after the family farm got sold in HighSchool I wasn’t real certain where I would end up.. behind a desk in fancy shoes seemed to be where God had placed me. But it was only a learning bridge, I had to learn patience.. Heck I still am ... but this path He’s carved out.. He knew what I was going to do.. way before I even did it.. or am going to do it.. and yet He still loves me.. its about time I learn to love myself too..

This post has a lot of ramblings.. its a lot of just “me” typing what’s happening in my head.. and I think from now on .. that’s exactly what you guys are gunna get too.. starting today.

Welcome back to the #ChroniclesofaFarmersWife with the #HayGirl... look for me to drop several things with this snowy weather today. AFTER I finish the Christmas trees. And maybe do some much needed deep cleaning. We are hosting my families Christmas HERE this year and I am truly excited even a bit overwhelmed but I know.. this is where I am supposed to be. A HayFarmers Wife... talking about her faith, family, the farm.. and some pretty fancy heifers & fast horses. Thanks for joining along the ride.. it means so much to me that you're here too!

Drop a comment ... leave a topic suggestion ... share - subscribe - like - post it... Help get the #WieczorekFarms name out there with me!

Have a blessed day,

The #HayGirl

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