Crazy Holiday Seasons...

The Holidays are always a busy time... seems once Halloween comes its a mad rush to wrapping presents. This Year the weather just couldn't get itself together on "MY" schedule for Christmas Card Pictures... seems like it's aways a good intention but never really happens. So I guess.. here's the next best thing... a Farmers Update after the crazy season passed. And a day behind


Considering yesterday we opened a few Santa gifts & Jason's parents came up the quarter mile stretch from house to house to help the kids celebrate .. Christmas around the farm is pretty much the same as any other day to be quite honest. I got up around Five.. went down and did my morning chores. Horses, Fed the Heifers, Milked the bottle babies... simply enjoyed God's handy work in the morning sunrise. Then after dropping Keaton off with his dad - sis and I got our boots on .. and went to help down at the Shop. She got the much needed nap in thanks to Grandma Carol while Jason and I repaired fence lines - moved the horses to the wooded pasture - got the new Heifers out of the Chute & holding pens and got them scraped back out. All in all it was a good day. I mean the weather was perfect for riding but I'll get that done today.

Seems like Christmas in Missouri forgets its supposed to have a little snow around the 24-26 and instead replaces it with some amazing 65 Fall like weather. I won't complain. Running around in just a t-shirt. Heck yes!

The Holidays can mean unwrapping presents and sitting in your favorite Christmas jammies all day or it can mean repatchin' fence lines.. bottom line is ... Christmas is supposed to be centered around Family Time. Maybe it wasn't exactly the relaxing day I had imagined but we got a lot of smaller "BIG" projects done.

Today's no different... Farmer Man's got hay to deliver this morning.. I'm headed down to do chores & Maybe catch a Sunrise workout with Leo the Kid aka mommas Cow pony.. which in turns .. will have some blogs about as he's a pretty special coming four year old who isn't what I expected he'd turn out to be. And for that I know God had greater plans for when Jason gave him to me as my Birthday Present.

Its 6:01 and my reminder alarm just went off..

I pray everyone had a Blessed Christmas Season and we truly remember what this time is about... I know I am. Life has a funny way of making us realize all the "more" important things as we grow older. And I know that I am truly blessed for this path... and for you guys reading this.

Enjoy your day as I know I will !

The #HayGirl

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